Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The chatbox was being misused. Instead of cats talking about clan matters it was all people trying to get cats to go to other clans, and filling the chatbox with things like "Come to my website!", some people put really bad things up. I put up a warning a while ago on the chatbox "Do not post your websites on the chatbox please. If this continues I will have to delete the chatbox." And it only got worse. I'm sorry but it got so bad that I had to delete the chatbox. All role-playing will have to happen in the comments. And please, anybody who was leaving their websites, and saying bad things on the chatbox, do not start using the comments for that. If other people start abusing the comments they will be moderated, and that won't be much fun for the people who want to have fun role-playing. This rule is so we don't get tons of spam, which will make it hard to role-play. Sorry!