Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New-leaf Poem

With Leaf-bare done,
here comes the sun,
to make the leaves turn green.
The mice will come back,
from the two-legs shack,
New-leaf is like nothing i've seen.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Cats

Hey, everyone! We have two new kits! one tom, and one she-cat! Swiftkit and Icekit.

Icekit is a very Handsome white tom, they are both long-legged and sleek, Icekit is good at climbing. Swiftkit is a light brown she-cat, with a white belly, and dark brown ears. Swiftkit can out run every kit in the nursery. We also have some new Warriors.

Brownface, and


There is of coarse the parents of the kits, Misticrain, and Ringtail.

In case your wondering, Misticrain is a Toyger(A toy tiger), and Ringtail is the orange and white Amrican shorthair. I am the Leader, Rainfire. There was a prophecy, that said I cannot be Rainstar:

When Rain does not put out fire, the Leader will tire. If the new leader has a star, the clan will not get far

So, I had to keep my Warrior name. Ringtail is my Deputy. The medicine cat is Sandyfur.

So far, That's the clan! If you want to be part of the clan, comment, then when you are excepted, follow the blog.


Everyone who is old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath high stump. We have a new kit that has decided to join our clan. Her name shall be Brightkit, because of the brightness in her eyes. Welcome to Birch clan Brightkit!