Monday, February 28, 2011

Hunting Patrols

I need a hunting patrol to go out, we don't have very much fresh kill left. Stripepelt, and Brownface, you two please go out hunting. Stripepelt, take Icepaw with you, he needs to training. Are there any other cats who would like to get in some hunting? Boarder patrols will leave soon, too. I know that it's still Leaf-bare, yet I only send out three cats hunting? We do not have a big clan remember, three cats will be plenty, for now.

Sandyfur, do you need any herbs? If so, take Swiftpaw, and go gather them. I smell hardship coming on the wind like a storm. We must prepare our clan for the worst.

The two apprentices need training quickly. Stripepelt, today, though it is raining, you must train Icepaw in battle moves. We need more apprentices, but first we'll need more kits!

Good luck hunters. Soon I'll tell you who's in the boarder patrol.

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